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Portrush Primary School, Crocknamack Road, Portrush, Antrim

Primary 2’s Pots of Gold 🌈

15th Mar 2024

Primary 2 were busy thinking about those pots of gold leprechauns hide at the end of the rainbow…is there really gold in them and where can we find them?🌈


Today we learnt all about chemical reactions in our own little pots! We made predications and recorded our results at the end. We used baking soda as our base and lemon as are acid and watched what happened!🍋 Thank goodness Miss Cubitt used lemon instead of vinegar, it was a much nicer smell!🤣 We saw bubbles, heard fizzing and smelt the lovely lemon. We were super surprised when we saw different colours appear too!


Lucky Primary 2’s!⭐️